Gig List

Jo sets the tone on stage as a riot of hair, shoes and tasteless clothing. As the frontman he is the main target for the any abuse and missiles that may be coming our way.

Pete is the bass player with the penchant for ridiculous stage gear (check out the famous dalek outfit). Pete is very much the driving force behind the band - in that he does most of the driving. A cheery grin and a tasteless joke are the public facade for a man who delights in taunting small furry animals and empathising with the local flora.

Colin is the drummer who usually registers as a stupid hat and the occasional flying drumstick. He took up drumming as an alternative to music, and a great way of annoying the neighbours. A couch potato of the highest order, he has been known to go for several weeks at a time communicating via the occasional grunt and phrases ending in 'off'.

Ian is the lead guitarist and a man on a mission. Noone knows what the mission is, however, but it is rarely interrupted for such mundanities as showing up for rehearsal, remembering when gigs are or showing the slightest interest in what the band has been doing, is doing, or may be doing in the future.